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Comfortbilt HP22i Pellet Stove For Discount

Original price was: $2,499.00.Current price is: $749.70.

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Comfortbilt HP22i Pellet Stove

The ComforBilt HP22i Pellet Stove Fireplace Insert takes the tremendous performance and efficiency of the HP22 free-standing pellet stove and offers it as an attractive fireplace insert model with zero clearance.

Along with heated air from the room blower, the bay view window radiates heat in three different directions. The HP22i insert can heat 2,800 square feet in mild temperatures. It is also EPA and CSA Certified to comply with all federal emissions mandates.

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Note: The HP22i-SS pellet stove insert features stainless steel trim around the glass.

Notable features include:

  • Can easily heat up to 2,800 ft² under mild temperature conditions.
  • EPA and CSA Certified to comply with all federal emissions mandates
  • Heat exchanger design and powerful room blower produce maximum heat from pellets
  • Easy to clean heavy gauge exterior
  • 47 pound hopper capacity; ashes fall automatically into a fixed ash container
  • Five power settings allow up to 18 hours of continuous burning on lowest setting
  • Programmable thermostat for constant temperature and economical pellet use
  • Rear mounted 3” standard  exhaust port, and 2” standard air intake 
  • Requires a cavity at least 24.5” high, 18” deep, and 21” wide
  • Fireplace finishing cover shroud is 43” wide and 33” high
  • All HP22I insert models are shipped with a finishing cover shroud and a free ash vacuum – a $69.99 value

The HP22i Pellet Stove Fireplace Insert comes with a one-year limited warranty on parts and service.

HP22i Specs

  • Dimensions: 24.5 inches high x 21 inches wide x 18 inches depth
  • Output: 9,696 – 40,689 BTU / Hour (based on EPA emissions test)
  • Hopper Size: 47 pounds
  • Efficiency: 80.5% (HHV Tested Efficiency)
  • Shipping weight: 262 pounds
  • Heating Capacity: Up to 2,800 square feet
  • Exhaust Port Size: 75mm (3 inches)
  • Air Intake Port Size: 50mm (2 inches)
  • Fuel: Premium Wood Pellets

HP22i Manual: Click Here

Optional White Glover Delivery Service:

  • In home delivery: delivery service will place the product in any room of your house.
  • Notifications for delivery scheduling with email or SMS.
  • Schedule a 2 hour delivery window.
  • Removal of all packaging material.
  • Available for an extra $165 at checkout.

Optional 3 inch or 4 inch Piping Kits:

ComfortBilt offers optional piping kits in 3 inch or 4 inch sizes that include venting accessories necessary to connect venting to the back of the ComfortBilt pellet stoves.

  • 3 inch piping kits
  • 4 inch piping kits



    Do ComfortBilt Stoves use electricity?

    ComfortBilt pellet stoves can only operate with electricity. They can run off of a generator or a battery backup, but only if the generator or battery backup have a pure sine wave power signature. ComfortBilt electronics are fairly sensitive and will not run on modified sine wave. 

    What piping kit do I need?  What comes with the pipe kit? Do I need 3 inch or 4 inch pipe? Does the pipe kit come with everything I need?

    For the free-standing stove models, you will need some way to vent exhaust outside, usually directly through an exterior wall. 

    The difference between 3 inch and 4 inch venting is in how much resistance the exhaust air will have to push through. 4 inch piping has more space and so there is less resistance; especially at elbows/bends.

    3 inch venting is normally sufficient, however if you have longer total venting runs, or more than just a couple bends/elbows, it is likely you will need to use a 4 inch pellet venting system.

    If you are installing at or above 5,000 feet in elevation, installing in a manufactured home, or exceeding the recommended equivalent vent length calculations, you will need a 4 inch piping kit.

    How often should I clean my stove? How often should I deep clean my stove? How often should I clean my burn pot? How do I clean my stove? What exhaust gaskets can be used?

    Cleaning and maintenance should be done on a routine schedule.  We recommend cleaning the burn pot with every hopper load of pellets, and doing a deep chamber cleaning at least once every ton of pellets burned. This chamber cleaning is done by removing the few exhaust chamber cover plates and brushing/vacuuming out those inner chambers.  

    We also recommend cleaning out the piping and tee connections/elbows at about the same interval. (once per ton of pellets burned) Just to ensure a good exhaust/air flow.

    The exhaust fan assembly may only need to be cleaned annually.

    When performing deep cleans, it is often recommended to have replacement gaskets on hand.

    You can use any high temperature gasket material, such as vehicle exhaust gaskets as a replacement.  Just ensure that the gasket is able to withstand temps exceeding 500°F.

    What is the difference between 3” and 4” pellet venting? Do I need the 3 inch or 4 inch piping? Do I need a fresh air intake? 

    The difference between the two is in how much resistance the exhaust air will have to push through. 4 inch piping has more space and so there is less resistance; especially at elbows/bends.

    3 inch is normally sufficient, however if you have longer total venting runs, or more than just a couple bends/elbows, it is likely you will need to use a 4 inch pellet venting system.

    If you are in a manufactured home or exceeding 4000ft above sea level, you’ll likely need a fresh air intake as well.

    What happens to the pellet stove during a power outage or loss of power scenario?

    In the event of a power outage, all of the powered components will cease operation.  This will include the feed auger and fans.  The fire will starve and eventually go out, and there may be some smoke that leaks into the room due to the exhaust fan being inactive.

    How many pellets will a Comfortbilt pellet stove use per day?

    Most of the stoves will consume from 1 to 5 pounds per hour of operation. External factors such as the size and insulation of the space, and the outside temperature can significantly affect this.

    Most commonly, our customers report using about 1.5 – 2 bags per day of operation through the winter. 

    Is plugging a pellet stove into a surge protector recommended?  Can Comfortbilt stoves be plugged into a GFI/GFCI outlet?

    It is always recommended to use a surge protector to help protect the sensitive computer electronics.

    Our products may not always work with a GFCI breaker/outlet however.  Check with your local electrician for more information about GFI’s.

    Is the stove designed to shut the fire down when it reaches the desired temperature?

    How loud are Comfortbilt pellet stoves?  What is the decibel level of the blower fan?

    With an adjustable room blower/distribution fan, they can be very quiet, especially on lower levels.  While we have not officially tested the decibel levels in a lab, many of our customers say it is one of the quietest pellet stoves they have experienced.

    Can Comfortbilt pellet stoves be ducted into some kind of heat duct or HVAC system?

    Is an outside air intake required for my pellet stove installation?

    A majority of installs are done without the outside air kit. 

    If you are installing in a mobile home, or in a garage/basement/shop setting, or if the stove is being installed at or above 5,000 ft. in elevation, then outside air is often recommended or even required. 

    If installing on the main level of a traditional, stick-built home at lower elevations, the stove will typically meet its oxygen demands by drawing in air from the interior. Please refer to the owner’s manual for additional information.

    Will losing power to the control panel reset all of the user settings of the pellet stove?

    No. Unplugging your stove should not reset all of your settings. The control panel comes equipped with a backup battery installed in it. However, if you have a power outage and do not have your stove plugged into a surge protector; it can be possible to lose your settings. This is also contingent upon the life of your backup battery.

    The 3V 2032 Lithium battery is located inside the controller and is accessed by removing the back of the panel.

    Is it safe to change operation modes while the stove is running?

    It is perfectly fine to go from manual to temperature mode (or vice versa) on your stove. However, when dealing with weekly or thermostat mode it may cause problems in the stove operation. (usually just a Fire-off shut down). We typically advise to set the mode before turning the stove is turned ON, or change between manual and temperature mode quickly to avoid the shut down.

    Is it possible to burn corn or other biofuels in Comfortbilt pellet stoves?

    No, Comfortbilt pellet stoves were designed and tested for premium wood pellets only.

    Burning corn or other non-pellet biofuels in your stove will void your warranty and may create a safety hazard or cause damage to your stove.

    You should only burn premium wood pellets in your pellet stove. Both softwood and hardwood are okay and will work fine in a Comfortbilt pellet stove.

    Shipping & Returns

    Estimated Product Handling: 1 to 2 business days

    Package Inspection

    Please inspect your package upon delivery. If there is obvious damage, please note the damages on the delivery receipt.

    Contact us within 24 hours to report the damage, by either e-mail or phone. Please retain all original boxes and packaging.

    Returns (Applies to ComfortBilt products only)

    • All returns must be pre-authorized and require a return authorization.  Please email [email protected] to request a return authorization.  
    • All returns must be requested within 30 calendar days from the delivery date.
    • The product must be in the original packaging and include all packaging materials, crates, boxes, and pamphlets.
    • All returns include a 5% restocking fee.
    • Customers are required to pay for the cost of return freight shipping.
    • The final return amount will be calculated as the Purchase Price less return shipping cost less the 5% restocking fee.
    Additional information

    Additional information


    Standard, Stainless Steel Trim

    Shipping & Delivery

    We accept returns on non-sale items that are in original packaging, unused, and unwashed within 30 days of receipt. Please follow our returns/exchanges process below. If items do not meet our requirements for return, they will be shipped back to you in lieu of a refund. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable (exceptions may apply).

    Returns & Exchanges Process: If item(s) fit within our returns guidelines found in the Returns. Please allow 7-10 business days for the credit to appear on your account after your return is processed.

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